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About Sherry Colbourne

Hello! I'm Sherry. I'm a serial tech entrepreneur and startup ecosystem developer.


After years of working in Canada's high-tech sector as a strategic partnership executive, I took a break and co-founded my first startup called Ladybug Teknologies. 

Ladybug enjoyed some success and we developed innovative breath-screening technology for North American social drinkers. I raised $2M in capital, navigated the ropes of entrepreneurism and LEARNED more than any MBA could ever teach. Life learning is definitely part of my MOJO.


On the heels of exiting Ladybug, I decided I needed to learn more about 21st century marketing tactics. After all, if you aren't successful at marketing, you won't be successful at sales....the lifeblood of every business.  Enter the social media masters at the University of San Francisco. This intense and in-depth program served me well and enabled me to build several more companies thereafter.


These days you will find me combining my well-honed business development skills with my savvy ecosystem development skills to help emerging markets build their own thriving innovation ecosystems.


In 2021, during COVID-19, I decided to take my governance skills to the next level and enrolled in the University of Toronto's Director's Education Program through the Rotman School of Management.


I am passionate about entrepreneurism, technology and continuous life learning. This combination of characteristics has taken me to all corners of the world and enabled me to develop global friendships that enrich my life and challenge me to continue learning. I'm always interested in speaking to interesting people with great ideas.


Contact me via any of my social channels or drop me your credentials.

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