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I was pre-programmed for social media.  My earliest recollections of my youth are of teachers telling me I talked too much, lol! So, it will come as no surprise that my career in Canada's high tech sector was on the social side of business, managing customers and strategic partners. When I made the leap to entrepreneur, the ability to connect with people and build a strong community of customers was instrumental to my success.


Fast forward a few years and here I am. With considerable years under my belt as a strategic partnership executive and almost a decade of entrepreneuring, I honed my social marketing skills at the University of San Francisco so I could utilize my natural gift for others. If you're looking to build a community of customers around your own business that will move you from alive to thrive, please drop your name and email address in the form below. 


In the meantime, please enjoy my personal social hub and feel free to click on the articles of interest....

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