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Followers versus Followed - The US Election 2012

In the midst of starting a new business, I have been smitten, like most Canadians, with the US Election 2012 Campaign. I'm not overly political but there is something about politics that draws me in. I suspect its the passion and intensity with which each side defends its position. I like people who have conviction.So, here I am dead tired from my own efforts...with an unfinished website...and I'm already feeling compelled to write my first blog.

Followers vs. Followed

The presidential election provides an interesting glimpse of the 21st century. A century, at least in its first decade, defined by the proliferation of social networks and the connections made between people who have never actually met each other, but who are genuinely engaging with one another. Let's look at the stats. Obama, is followed by over 22 million individuals on Twitter. More importantly, he follows over 670,000. Now let's look at his most vocal critics. Romney, is followed by almost 2 million individuals. However, he only follows 274. And then there is Donald Trump. I try to like this man since I'm a strong advocate of entrepreneurism, but I haven't quite warmed up to him. Donald, for all his wealth and reach, is followed by almost 2 million people but only follows 23!

What does this say?? To me it says, "I'm very thrilled with what I have to say about myself but I'm not so concerned with what you have to say." Pay attention social media marketers...this is the antithesis of what real social media is all about.


If you are not using social media to engage and connect with people...not markets, not followers, not brands...then you are approaching it all wrong. In a world divided by commerce, politics and finance, we need to reconnect in a way that brings us together. Its called conversation. And the Election 2012 campaign has been yet another demonstration of the power of conversation.

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